Hi everyone~

I’m in need of some extra income so I’ve opened up commissions for a bit! Unfortunately I’m also in a time constraint so I’m limited with to what I can offer at the moment. You can still check out my art and doodle tag for more samples of my style.

If you are interested, please contact me at tasobubu [at] gmail [dot] com or via fanmail. Please don’t send asks since they tend to get lost. In your inquiry, please specify which style you want and any reference images + a brief description of the character(s) so I can get an idea of their personality. Feel free to give me suggestions as well. I will begin working on your commission once payment is made!

+Some notes+

  • all prices are in USD
  • paypal only
  • couples are x2 the price of the base style you choose
  • BL/GL/BG is okay
  • OC’s and fanart are okay
  • sketch/color sketches are waist up only (crayon doodles can be full body)
  • I can include a simple color background like the samples by request

I will not draw:

  • Mecha
  • Furries/anthro/animals (wings, ears, and tails I am okay with)
  • Interacting groups of more than 2 
  • and anything else I feel is out of my artistic ability

Other than that, I am pretty much open to drawing anything else. Don’t be afraid to ask me if you have any questions! Slots are currently unlimited but that may change at any time.

I know money is tight;; so even if you can’t commission me, a signal boost would be greatly appreciated ; v ; <333 Thank you all for the support!