The winners of Taso’s request giveaway are….

monstrumpuero, neileffingdevera, and impureimpulse!

…I PICKED 3 BECAUSE I FELT BAD ABOUT HAVING JUST 1 WINNER LMAO… Everyone is so great and I wish I could give something to you all ; o ; Maybe I’ll do freebies for you guys one day…when I am less busy heh..

Anyways, CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!! I will be messaging you all for your requests eue)~~~ Oh and here are the guidelines again if you don’t remember:

I will draw:

  • OC’s
  • Fanart (preferably from a series I am familiar with)
  • Light to moderate BL/GL/Het

I will NOT draw:

  • Mecha
  • Furries
  • Overly complicated character designs
  • Hardcore Yaoi/Yuri/Het

Other notes:

  • The style/type will be up to my discretion (ex. cheebs, full body, colored/no color, etc.) 
  • I have the right to refuse if I am not comfortable with your request. 
  • I also have the right to take my time on these. I get busy with school and life so please do not pester me to finish quickly. You’re getting free art after all :P